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By Daniel Keys Moran

Jalian, a silver-eyed huntress from seven-hundred years sooner or later, travels again to the 20 th century in an try to keep her global from the ravages of nuclear destruction. a gorgeous tour-de-force of affection and event sweeping alongside a timeline of infinitely attainable worlds

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The Eldest Hunter, Morine d’Arsennette, shook her head. She said gently, “Daughter, your child is ready now. ” She chuckled with some dryness. “All the tribes combined do not threaten us, with the gods’ light weapons guarding the village. ” Morine’s eyes closed, and she nodded for a moment in the warmth from the fire pit. She was very old, now; some sixty Colds. Her eyes opened again, and she peered around the hall at the assembled Elder Hunters. There were less than twenty of them. “And we lost over four hundred of our warriors.

36 Daniel Keys Moran The young Hunter inclined her head several degrees, and went outside. She left the door open behind her, and a blast of icy air cut in through the opening. Morine shivered in the cold; it seemed to touch her more deeply these days. The sentry pushed the door open slightly more, and Jalian walked in a few paces before her. She stood facing the older women, without arrogance, but without uncertainty or selfconsciousness. She was not particularly tall for her age; she was still a head-and-a-half shorter than her mother.

My name is Jalian. ” She moved closer to him, and lightly touched one of his hands with one of her own. ” Georges shook his head no. He was more aware of her touch than of any other physical contact with a woman that he could recall in all his long life. ” With the hand that hers was not covering, he touched her chin. He would have turned her to meet his eyes; before he could do so she looked up of her own accord /self. life is calm power running through deepquiet channels worn smooth. / /self.

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