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What if Troy was once now not destroyed within the epic conflict immortalized by means of Homer? What if many mythical towns of the traditional international didn't meet their ends via warfare and conquest as archaeologists and historians think, yet in reality have been laid waste through a strength of nature so catastrophic that religions and legends describe it because the wrath of god? Apocalypse brings the most recent clinical facts to endure on biblical debts, mythology, and the archaeological checklist to discover how historical and glossy earthquakes have formed history--and, for a few civilizations, doubtless heralded the tip of the world.

Archaeologists are expert to hunt human explanations in the back of the ruins they research. due to this, the sophisticated clues that point out earthquake harm are frequently neglected or maybe overlooked. Amos Nur bridges the distance that for too lengthy has separated archaeology and seismology. He examines tantalizing facts of earthquakes at the various world's most famed archaeological websites within the Mediterranean and in other places, together with Troy, Jericho, Knossos, Mycenae, Armageddon, Teotihuacán, and Petra. He unearths what the Bible, the Iliad , and different writings can let us know in regards to the seismic calamities which may have rocked the traditional global. He even explores how earthquakes can have helped guard the lifeless Sea Scrolls. As Nur exhibits, spotting earthquake harm within the shifted foundations and toppled arches of old ruins is key this present day as the clinical list of worldwide earthquake dangers continues to be incomplete. Apocalypse explains the place and why historic earthquakes struck--and may possibly strike again.

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Yet, even those of us who should know better can become complacent, neglecting basic earthquakepreparedness measures like securing tall bookcases to the walls. 1 Photograph of my office at Stanford University, immediately after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. I was sitting in the chair indicated by the arrow when the earthquake struck; by diving under the desk until the shaking stopped, I escaped injury. Earthquakes have accompanied people since the beginning of human experience. The Loma Prieta earthquake was just one of the estimated several million that occur annually around the world.

38), discussing possible causes for the end of the Bronze Age: Nor is there any archaeological evidence that any of our six sites was at the epicenter of a catastrophic quake. At each site buildings clearly collapsed, upper stories falling to floor level, or single-story houses subsiding into the streets. At none of the sites, however, was any displacement of surface levels reported. Vertical displacement, one would suppose, should have resulted in a stratigraphic step, with all the prequake strata (at Troy, for example, from VI down to I) shifted here and there to a point measurably above or below their normal altitude.

In fact, a local earthquake occurred at the very time of the excavation, reinforcing his interpretation. Many others, however, have cautioned against accepting this conclusion. George Rapp (1986), a geologist at the University of Minnesota in Duluth, well known for his applications of earth science to archaeology, was one of these critics. Rapp argued that Evans should have used multiple hypotheses to account for the destruction, rather than settling on an earthquake as the most probable cause.

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