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By Mary Stanton

Money's been tight ever on the grounds that Bree Winston Beaufort inherited Savannah's haunted legislations enterprise Beaufort & corporation in addition to its less-than-angelic employees. yet she's eventually going to take on a case that will pay the money owed representing a spoiled lady who stole a persons woman Scout cookie funds. yet quickly adequate she reveals that her client's departed millionaire father wishes support too. Can she aid an unsavory father/daughter duo and make a dwelling off of the residing?

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With a sigh, she turned and headed across East Bay to Mulberry, walked one block down, turned east, and found herself facing Georgia’s very own all-murderers cemetery and the small Federal-style house that contained the office of Beaufort & Company, advocates for those who had died and gone to Hell (or, often as not, Purgatory). Somebody, most likely her secretary, Ron Parchese, since he was the fussiest—and most able-bodied—of her employees, had weeded around the wrought-iron fence and sunken graves and tidied the kudzu from the grave-stones.

To her mild astonishment, Cissy nodded agreement. ” She stooped over and kissed Bree on the cheek. “Thank you, darlin’. I’ll be off. ” Her family’s estate was in North Caro lina, a good six-hour drive from the Savannah town house. Bree loved her family, but one of the reasons she’d settled in Savannah was because she was a six-hour drive from her loving, intrusive relatives. She shut her eyes in sudden recollection. “Hoo. I forgot. ” For reasons lost in some time around the Civil War, the Winston-Beauforts had a huge party for it, but November fifth fell on a Thursday this year, so her mother had set the party for Halloween weekend.

I like faces that make faces back at me,” Bree admitted. “You think? Wait twenty years. ” She snapped the compact shut, dropped a kiss on Bree’s head, and slammed out the back door. Bree ran her hand over Sasha’s neck. It had been several weeks since she’d rescued him from an animal trap in the depths of the cemetery that surrounded her office. The cast had just come off his leg this morning. He’d put on a healthy amount of weight. His muscles rippled under his golden coat. Pink, healthy skin replaced the sores that had covered his hindquarters and chest.

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