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By Stephan Feuchtwang

This ebook was once first released in 1974 and have become a mystery vintage in the back of the unfold of fengshui within the Western global. Its writer, Stephan Feuchtwang, has now revised it and further a brand new bankruptcy for this re-creation, bringing the fabric modern. it's a distinctive therapy of fengshui as perceived and understood in chinese language manuals and in chinese language perform, yet written for a Western readership. Feuchtwang additionally indicates the way it is expounded to panorama portray in addition to to chinese language renowned faith and ancestor worship. He provides his personal knowing of fengshui as a classy perform that also is one of those divination, in keeping with a version of the Universe. Readers who're eager about feng shui and need to grasp approximately chinese language cosmology, or who're attracted to the anthropology of divination and cosmology, can be richly rewarded by means of this e-book.

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6 of the Book of Cha nqes, 1n the Fonner Heaven Sequen ce, leaving out the hexagram equivalents of the four cardinal points of the compass; the 60 arranged in a cycle t o coincide with the divisions of the sexagenary cyc le; comparison at each of these divisions between the hexaqram equ iva lents in the Former and in the later Heaven Sequences ; the Former Heaven Sequence hexagrams show the waxin~ and wanina of Vin and Yang and hence of the ch 'i and seasons,whi le the balance of Yin and Vana lines within each hexaqram is siqnificant only in those of the later Heaven Sequence ; the stems are divided into those which are lucky and those which are unlucky 15.

L ) as the stars may seem to centre on the Po le Star, "scarcely a class of observed phenomena failed to find its place in the system of fancied corI . See pa rt 4, pp . 19 1- 193 for f ur ther discussion of T' icn and fen9- shui . 2 . As used by Sun Wu , see not e I . p. 10 37 THE CENTE R Of THE UNIVERSE AND THE TWO COSMIC FORCES respondences that grew up in the Han times. a. "under heaven") surrounded the pala ce of the Emperor. They corresponded al so with the Four Seasons ... and the Four Cardina l Point s corresponded with the seasona l so lstices and equi noxes.

THE RINGS OF SYMBOLS AS EXPLAINEO IN THE LO-CHING CHIEH 19 Th e -rings of sy mbols a s explained in the Lo·ching Chieh by WU WANG KANG 1. l : 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. the centra l circular area of t he compass which ho l ds and is divided in half by the magnetic needle The Eight Trigrams( ,/ \.. j) : not really a sepa rate ring but taking the form of4ed ~ol\. J : v' ~ne moving otaAA ,as Edkins ca ll s them,or fate -cate gor ies ,as Needham calls them, correl ated with the Pa Kua , the stems , some of the branches , the elements, and wi th the twelve palaces The Star s of Heaven L~ et.

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