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By Ann Leighton

American Gardens of the 19th Century is the ultimate of 3 authoritative volumes of backyard historical past by way of Ann Leighton. This witty and specified booklet specializes in nineteenth-century gardens and gardening. Leighton's fabric for the booklet was once drawn from letters, books, and different fundamental assets. through the ebook are reproductions of latest illustrations and descriptive listings of local and new vegetation that have been cultivated throughout the 19th century. Leighton supplies a lot recognition to influential humans reminiscent of plant explorers and architects of public parks. not just does she checklist the improvement of gardening, yet she additionally indicates the historic progress and alter in nineteenth-century America.

Companion volumes through Ann Leighton

Early American Gardens "For Meate or Medicine"
American Gardens within the Eighteenth Century "For Use or for Delight"

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Eliot's biography of his son. The Portsmouth Athenaeum furnished me with a copy of this masterful book. Rebecca Rogers, who lives in a house once occupied by Dr. Kirtland, has furnished a wealth of material about that remarkable individual. Melanie Simo, our emerging American authority on Loudon, has been ever present with photocopied references, book loans and purchases, and an infinite sympathy for my enthusiasms. And, as mercies never cease, at the last moment, when I discovered a book I had not known existed and instantly felt I needed, I called the bookseller and learned that I had missed it by minutes.

The early nineteenth century was not a time for Americans to pause and ponder trends in garden design. Conflicts abounded; the success of a wholly new sort of government swung in the balance. Disaster loomed over the growing problem of who and how many were actually free, truly to be counted as citizens. Nothing was sure but the will and integrity of the now disappearing founders. Discussions of the relative merits of use, beauty, and truth in horticulture and of the purposes of Abigail Adams's "nature's handmaiden, art," were for older countries across the Atlantic.

Represented an ancient remedy in the Old World, which settlers were happy to find growing also in the New. Its uses, mentioned by Cutler, come under the cover of "Dr. Withering observes" that: the inner green bark makes an acrid purgative useful in small doses as a diuretic and in dropsies; sheep with the rot will eat the bark and young shoots and cure themselves; the inner bark and Page 21 leaves make cooling ointments; a decoction of the flowers promotes expectoriation in pleurisies; fresh gathered, the flowers loosen the belly; externally in fomentations they ease pain and inflammation; they will give a flavor to vinegar; a rob [sic] of the berries promotes perspiration; the flowers kill turkeys and the berries poison poultry; the fresh leaves laid around young cucumbers and melons preserve them against insect.

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