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By Paul A. Volberding

The newest within the an important sequence documenting clinical discoveries on the vanguard of HIV and AIDS study! This quantity updates crucial and arguable matters dealing with physicians, nurses, microbiologists, pharmacists, and epidemiologists who deal at once with sufferers being affected by HIV and AIDS, concentrating on particular components during which vital new advances have happened in analysis, treatment, and prevention of an infection and similar problems. Outlines new illness administration options being confirmed in potential scientific trials and observational reviews! Combining components of virology, epidemiology, immunology, oncology, endocrinology, neurology, psychiatry, and the behavioral sciences, AIDS scientific evaluation 2000/2001 ·clarifies substantial developments in vaccine improvement, realistically assessing strength efficacy and barriers ·explores momentary antiretroviral remedy for dramatically lowering the speed of vertical transmission from mom to baby ·evaluates the efficacy of antiretroviral prophylaxis for employees who event high-risk publicity to HIV-infected blood ·discusses protection of HIV particular immunity while antiretroviral remedy is initiated early during acute an infection ·considers complicated drug interactions that happen while medications are utilized in blend ·highlights cytokine and different immune-based remedies ·suggests power hepatitis could eventually be extra deadly than HIV for coinfected sufferers ·and extra! together with effects lately offered at clinical conferences yet now not but released in peer-reviewed journals, AIDS medical evaluate 2000/2001 is vital interpreting for infectious ailment experts, epidemiologists, virologists, immunologists, pharmacologists, microbiologists, hematologists, hepatologists, oncologists, neurologists, scientific scholars in those disciplines, and all doctors thinking about either AIDS study and medical perform.

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31 37 . 37 . 42 IV. Conclusions and Perspectives . . . . . . . . . 43 References . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 23 This Page Intentionally Left Blank The inexorable spread of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)pandemic and the increasing deaths caused by acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)in developing countries underscore the urgency for an effective, safe, and inexpensive vaccine against HIV. Although many attempts have been made, a candidate vaccine of proven efficacy and safety in nonhuman primate models is not yet available.

Protection has been reported with the MVA vector alone (23), likely due to the boost of innate immunity with antiviral activity. Thus, it is conceivable that even in vaccinia-naive animals, priming with MVA may result in a strong response against the vector but not against HIV/SIV gene products. Thus, if the dominant immunogenicity of the MVA vector is confirnled, then its use for boosting rather than priming should be recommended. In fact, the strong immune response against vaccinia might be beneficial and boost antigen-specific response.

Although a recombinant fowlpox virus is 100 times less efficient than canarypox in generating protective immunity (71), recent results in macaques suggest that the use of a fowlpox vector ina primehoost regimen may provide better immunization and protection than other approaches (72). 6P in rhesus macaques. The animals were primed either by intradermal injections or by gene gun delivery with DNA coding for the HIV-em and the SIV-nef, -gag, and -pol genes. Boosters were either identical to the primings or consisted in either purified Env protein or recombinant fowlpox viruses carrying HIV-env and SIV-nef, -gag, and -pol genes.

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