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By Stephen Roos

Brisk, insightful, and compassionate, this ebook seems to be at all of the Twelve Steps from a tender person's standpoint. Concrete path is helping convalescing teenagers make the stairs part of their lives.

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Although the group counselor said that no one was going to be pressured into believing anything, not everyone believed her. The counselor respected their doubts. " she asked. The people were skepticalbut they were willing. The counselor pointed out that in the fifty-plus years since the steps were formulated, Page 14 generation after generation of recovering alcoholics have approached the Second Step with the same doubt. Not everyone with a drinking problem is skeptical about the value of a spiritual life.

D. Some days are the pits! There's no right or wrong answer here. It depends on how you're feeling. Despite what many of us may have been taught, there's nothing "right" or "wrong" about feelings or about spiritual belief. Spirituality is a tool that helps some of us live happier lives. It is not a yardstick by which we measure our worth. If you're not ready or willing, or if you're just not interested in learning how to use this particular tool, don't beat up on yourself. Whatever your reasons, they're good ones, based on real feelings that come from real experience.

It wasn't long before we learned to pretend the pain wasn't there. We began to believe that if we hid from our feelings, maybe they'd go away. This was denial and it was a survival technique. It helped us get through! Denial, however, is an uphill business. The more you deny feelings, the harder it gets. Denial, however, is an uphill business. The more you deny feelings, the harder it gets. That's why alcohol and drugs seemed like the answer to our prayers. They seemed to take all the ''work" out of ignoring our problems and hiding from our feelings.

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