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Rana Sterling ultimately unearths the fellow of her desires and BOY does he know the way to push all of the correct buttons. simply, Mr. Tall, darkish and Too-Good-to-Be-True seems to be simply that; he is a true reside, fanged vampire! Lucian Trevane has an obligation to satisfy. he is anticipated to take the function of Vit?, chief of the vampires in 3 days. yet he understands he will not take the location with no his spouse via his facet. Now, after seventy years of attempting to find his reincarnated fianc?, he ultimately reveals the girl of his goals in Rana Sterling. Rana might reply to his lovemaking, yet she refuses to develop into his vampire spouse. as though their lives will not be advanced adequate, throw in a vengeful vampire, a shock twist, and the very fact Rana and Lucian cannot deny the powerful allure that exists among them and you've got simply stepped right into a flavor OF ardour.

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She turned and stared at him and then looked back at Duncan. Duncan stood there in a black turtleneck and black jeans, looking every bit the brooding loner he was. Whereas Ian embraced and reveled in his differences from other vampires, openly taunting them, Duncan withdrew, living a solitary life. The only person he remained close to over the years was his twin. He leaned against the door jam and addressed Ian, purposefully ignoring Mona. " Ian rubbed Mona's arms underneath her jacket. " Be nice, Duncan.

She closed her eyes for a second and tried to imagine how her flamboyant grandfather might feel with the car's power rumbling underneath him. She opened her eyes as a brief smile formed on her lips at the passing thought—he probably got his jollies. Rana ignored the farmhouses and prairies that sped past, a blur of colors and country smells, and punched the pedal to the floor, seeking a connection with her grandfather. Gripping the wheel with both hands as the 'Vette hugged a sharp curve, she recalled her parent's shocked faces as she'd sped off in Jack's car, remembered Mother's warm smile and worried eyes when she handed Rana the letter.

Ian gave a low chuckle. Lucian pinned him with a serious stare. " Ian shot back. Lucian held back his grin. He knew his old friend way too well. " And that would be a welcomed transition after years of biding his time. " Ian lifted his beer in salute, a wicked gleam in his eyes. Lucian knew he meant it. Ian and Kraid had never seen eye-to-eye. The only person he despised more was Kraid's brother, Drace. Ian inspired either confidence or respectful tolerance in all who knew him. His reputation as a relentless hunter of rogue vampires had earned him quite a nickname.

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