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Even if its used for socializing, sport, or leisure, a deck is an excellent addition to a house. This new ebook, a spouse to the top-selling A Portfolio of Deck rules, is helping readers expand their dwelling house into their yards with a single-level or multi-level deck. comprises greater than a hundred and fifty colour images illustrating rules from designers and brands. Деревянные поверхности, используемые для общения, отдыха, или релаксации, являются прекрасным дополнением к дому. Идеи, помогают читателям расширить свое жизненное пространство в своих дворах с одноуровневой или многоуровневой Deck. Включает более a hundred and fifty цветных фото, показывающих идеи дизайнеров и производителей.

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Always cut the decking so it ends over a joist for support. 13. Saw and screw on the rest of the decking. Begin with the part visible on the right in the drawing. Begin from the outside and continue inwards toward the house. The last board will probably need to be sawed lengthwise. Never place two spliced decking boards next to each other and do not let any board cover more than three joists. Screw the decking onto the other part of the patio. indd 58 10/30/13 11:24 AM Template for assembly of slats.

The front part should protrude 3/8 inch beyond A. Glue and nail F to the table assembly. 8. Round one of the corners of the rim boards G using a 23/4 inch radius. Glue and screw each into the end grain of the table top. 9. Saw the panel for the backboard H so that it fits exactly between the rim boards G. Attach the backboard with glue and screws, screwing through H and into F and through G and into H. 10. Saw notches in the front shelf board J to fit around the legs and glue and screw it to the frame.

The result was a very generous wood deck measuring 592 square feet with enough space for dining furniture, a grill, a sofa group and a reading corner – and yet large areas remain vacant. indd 53 10/30/13 11:23 AM The patio described here is very large, see the drawing below. Adjust your patio according to your own preferences. This description only includes a few measurements, and no numbers, since the material should be adjusted to the patio on site. The patio’s left side is not visible on the drawing on the next page, but is assembled in the same manner.

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