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The down-side—when things go wrong—is that objectivity can be re-interpreted as a lack of compassion and commitment. ◆ Pathway 2 describes identification with the subjective experience of the patient, ‘putting oneself in the shoes of the patient’. This is sympathy and it arises from one’s own life experience and one’s ability to imagine how one would feel in the same situation. Medical students experience this personal anguish early in their careers when they confront real-life examples of human suffering.

Indicate time available and other constraints e. Identify and minimize barriers to communication f. Calibrate your language and vocabulary to that of the patient g. Accommodate patient comfort and privacy 9 10 INTRODUCTION TO COMMUNICATION STUDIES IN CANCER AND PALLIATIVE MEDICINE model describes improvement in giving bad news and discussing transitions to palliative care. While showing skills improvement, the use of a non-experimental design and only immediately post-training, standardized patient evaluations limits the validity of claims of superiority of this system.

Ask closed-ended questions that are non-leading and one at a time b. Define the symptom completely III. Complete the Patient’s Medical Database a. Obtain past medical and family history b. Elicit pertinent psychosocial data c. Summarize what you heard and how you understand it, check for accuracy Elicit and Understand Patient's Perspective a. Ask patient about ideas about illness or problem b. Ask patient about expectations c. Explore beliefs, concerns and expectations d. Ask about family, community, and religious or spiritual context e.

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