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Inverse of stomatal resistance. Stomatal resistance: A measurement of the limitation to the free diffusion of gases from and into the leaf through stomatal pores. Inverse of stomatal conductance. Temporary wilting: Wilting condition of the plant due to loss of water. The plants are able to recover from wilted condition during the night without addition of any water. Thermoperiodism: The effect on the growth and reproduction of plants of timed exposures to varied temperatures. Thigmotropism: Induced movement of growth that occur in response to an external touch stimulus and are very common in plants which climbed by tendrils.

Nut c. Pome d. Berry 71. Best rootstock species for budding of many ber varieties is a. Zizuphusrotundifolia b. Z. xylopyrus c. Z. rugosa d. Z. mauritiana 72. Deciduous type of ber is……………… a. Zizuphusrotundifolia b. Z. xylopyrus c. Z. jujube d. Z. nummularia 73. Best time for budding in ber is………….. a. July - Aug b. Sept - Oct c. May - June d. Feb - March 74. method a. Seeds b. T - budding c. Inarch grafting d. Air layering 75. Salinity and alkalinity tolerant variety of ber is …………… a. Gola b.

Syconus b. Drupe d. Stone 197. Diclinous flowering habit is noticed in a. Date palm c. Mango b. Jackfruit d. Passion fruit 198. Viviparous seed are reported in a. Grapes c. Mango b. Jackfruit d. Papaya 199. Which is the biggest fruit in the world? a. Mango c. Bread fruit b. Jackfruit d. Chakotra 200. National fruit of Bangladesh is a. Mango c. Bread fruit b. Jackfruit d. Malaysia 201. Jackfruit is also known as a. Poor man‘s apple c. Poor man‘s fruit b. Poor man‘s food d. None of these 202. Special fruiting branch lets called ‗food stalks‘ found in which fruit crop a.

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