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By K.E. Michelson

This paintings is predicated on my 1983 doctoral dissertation submitted to the dep. of Linguistics at Harvard college, even though it represents an intensive revision and reorganization of that paintings. quite a lot of fabric that weren't inside the unique were extra, and components that deal with theoretical concerns that, a minimum of in the intervening time, have receded into the history, were passed over. Many colleagues and acquaintances have contributed to my sustained fascina­ tion with in addition to my realizing of lroquoian linguistics. to begin with, i'm thankful to the Iroquois who've contributed their profound knowl­ side and their friendship in the course of my study: Elda Antone, Mercy Doxtator, Dayton Doxtator, Reg Henry, Frank Natawe, the past due Georgina Nicholas, Catherine Norton, Mike Norton. the past due Sanford Schenandoah, and Norma Sickles. I additionally deeply enjoy being a part of a close-knit and supportive group of lroquoian linguists, and particularly I thank Cliff Abbott, Wallace Chafe, Mike Foster, Marianne Mithun, and Hanni Woodbury for supplying reviews at the dissertation. i've got additionally benefited from, and cost hugely, super stimulating conversations with Floyd Lounsbury within the previous few years. The effect of my advisers and pals may be obtrusive through the paintings. I thank specifically Nick Clements, Ives Goddard, Jochem Schindler, Robin Barr, Harry Bochner, Brian Doherty, Mark Hale, and Phil LeSourd.

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The lengthening of vowels in even penults except before h or I. 1. , Vhth -+ Vth (h-deletion) -+ * V' th (Vowel Lengthening). The correct derivation is: Vhth -+ (Vowel Lengthening does not apply before h) -+ Vth (h-deletion). Seneca also deletes h between two obstruents (cf. ): (37) hakso' t hak-hsot-{} my grandfather M/ I-be a grandfather-STAT (38) cf. 2. Seneca and Cayuga h -epenthesis In Seneca and Cayuga tn and kn clusters are broken up by an epenthetic h. ). 4. ) (40) akhnQefiQh wak-nQe-fi-Qh I like it IP-Iike-INCH-STAT (41 ) cf.

55) hrahro-/hraw-/hrahrati-/hru-/hrun- 7 hroti-/hron- hri-/hriyhruwa-/hruway~ masculine singular agent (MA) masculine singular patient (MP) masculine plural agent (MpA) masculine plural patient (MpP) first person singular agent acting on a masculine singular patient (11M) feminine-indefinite or 3rd person nonsingular agent acting on masculine singular patient (F1M, Mdp/M, Zdp/M) All of these prefixes have alternants without r. In this work, the r is analyzed as an underlying segment that is lost under the following conditions: The MA prefix hra- loses the r if the prefix is not the first morpheme in the word and it occurs before a C-stem, i-stem, or a-stem.

Wahaku . reketJ wa~-hra-kuhrek-~ He put it in the fire FACT-MA-put in the fire-PUNC He hit it FACT -MA-hit-PUNC (112) yetsyaks ye-(i)tsy-ak-s She, someone eats fish F A-fish-eat-HAB (113) cf. yeku . reks She, someone hits it FA-hit-HAB ye-kuhrek-s SEGMENTAL PHONOLOGY (114) cf. wakitsya . ku wak-itsy-ak-u I have already eaten fish 1P-fish-eat-ST A T (1 15) ro· taC's hro-(i)taC'w-s 14 He is sleeping MP-sleep-HAB (116) cf. rokuhre· ku He was hitting it MP-hit-ST A T hro-kuhrek-u (117) cf. wakf· taC's wak-itaC'w-s I am sleeping 1P-sleep-HAB (118) yotshokw /\ yo-( a )tshokw-/\ She was smoking ZP-smoke-ST A T (119) cf.

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